Tech Stack


  • TALL Stack - Tailwind, Alpine JS, Laravel and Livewire

    9 years

    My go to stack for professional web applications. I've been working with Laravel since around 2013 (Laravel 4). Previously I have used Vue JS with Laravel but have recently converted to Livewire

  • PETAL Stack - Phoenix, Elixir, Tailwind, Alpine JS, Liveview

    4 years

    Originally used as a hobby, I've now built APIs and multiple active projects with Elixir and the Phoenix framework. I use Elixir and Phoenix for projects that require real-time functionality. This stack is what originally convinced me to use Livewire with Laravel as there are many similar concepts in both.

  • Swift and SwiftUI

    3 years

    I've used Swift for hobby projects as I've had a fascination with building my own iPhone apps. I've since switched entirely to SwiftUI and have built MacOS and iOS apps that are in the App Store.

  • Rust, Tauri and Svelte

    1 years

    For Cross-platform desktop apps I have previously used Electron with Ember JS. More recently, I have been transitioning to Tauri (A Rust based alternative to Electron) and SvelteKit for frontend. I have one open source app in this already released with this stack, and another app in progress.

  • CraftCMS

    3 years

    Craft is my go-to for websites that require a Content Management System and a fairly standard front end. This website is built with Craft!

  • Zola

    1 years

    I've tried many Static Site Generators, including Middleman and Hugo. Although Zola is not quite as full featured as Hugo I find it suits my needs fine. My technical blog is built with Zola.

Learning / Interested

  • Kotlin KMP and Jetpack Compose

    0 years

    Kotlin and Jetpack Compose has intrigued me as Android's answer to SwiftUI. I've been reading and toying with this combination, including Kotlin Multi-Platform, which seems fantastic to me as I can use SwiftUI for the iOS and MacOS interfaces.

  • Godot

    1 years

    I've always wanted to release my own game, and Godot is a fantastic tool. I'm learning to do this slowly, but often my other projects get in the way :)

  • Crystal

    1 years

    With the tagline of Ruby syntax and speed of C I was sold from day one. I really like Crystal, but with Swift, Rust, and Kotlin in my tool belt it's hard to decide when it's appropriate to use.


  • VueJS and EmberJS

    6 years

    I've used and loved both of these frontend frameworks. I still maintain many projects built in them, but I no longer build new ones with them.

  • Electron JS

    2 years

    Electron has served me well with around 3 projects built and released. However, after becoming more confident in Tauri, I find little need to use Electron for newer projects.